Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rajon Rondo Helps Bring Home the Championship

Rajon Rondo and the Celtics won last night thanks to partially Ray Allan, KG, and Paul Pierce. But the Main reason I think Rajon Rondo was the biggest reason for the Celtics win last night is because he had not only over 20 Points last night but 6 steals 4 assists. That is phenomenal for a young Point Guard in the NBA Finals.

Likes: I liked what the Celtics did with Rajon. Spread the floor and if there was a double team on one of the Big Three then Pass to Rajon for the 4th man. And another likes of mine is they played with heart. It was the saying "who wants it more" and Los Angelous did not want it more, its that simple.

Now we get to the Dislikes: I just could not stand the way the Celtics ran their mouths during the whole game to the Los Angelous Lakers. I saw the celebrating in the 3rd quarter thinking that they will win, which they did. But I dont understand why you would celebrate the third quarter, that's like giving the Los Angelous Lakers a slap in the face. My opinion about this, they need to learn sportsman ship. Its that simple they need to learn sportsmanship. Also what I couldn't stand watching is the Celtics Fans. As I watched (in the 3rd quarter) the Celtics fans were so horrible that they sang "Na na na na hey hey hey GOOOOOOdBY" I have to say they are the worst fans in any sport. I thought to myself last night show some class please at least say it when the game is over at least. Another after the game I saw the whole Laker team went to shake the Celtics hands and the Celtics were to busy Celebrating, CELEBRATING. Not having sportsmanship they are celebrating. That is really unclassy. Last but not least the most that got on my nerve last night is when Kevin Garnett was just acting like an Idiot and just screamed like he was loosing his mind. I would understand crying couse your in the moment but yelling that is just ridiculous. I thought I was done but thought one more thing and that thing is is that after the game Keving Garnett was looking all thug as he went up to one of the Legends in basketball. Just show class that's all I am going with it.